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HAPPY 2011!!

HAPPY 2011!!


Movie, Dates!!

Movie, Dates!!

Watching movie for the past few week, making me felt so happy!!

It's like pretty long ago since I last step into a cinema to watch a movie, my very last one was like 1 or 2 years ago with my parents!!


Met up with alternatejess & Junnie, had a wonderful German lunch!!

Done some catching up & shopping around @ 313 somerset, then off we go to Plaza Singapura

Went for a short window shopping, plus a last minute decision to watch ECLIPSE!!

OMG, I love them so much!!

They watch it cos of me, I felt so LOVE!!


Thanks darlings!!

I love all the twilight saga movie!!

I love the books!!

Eclipse was brilliant, I totally LOVE it to bits!!

It's the first time I'm watching movie with both of the girls, and the atmosphere is lighten then always!!

The laughter and the talks, I'll never forget the wonderful feeling!!

Then we went on walking around, chatting everything under the sun!!

We're sad to part with each other, but I'll never forget the wonderful time we had together!!

The second movie is, Toy Story 3!!

I accompany my brother watching it, since he's talking about watching it for very long time!!

Felt a little weird, as the whole cinema is fill up with KIDS!!


The movie was all right, but I prefer the first two series instead of the third!!

Maybe I've grown up, and my mindset change??

Who knows??


The third movie I watch is "The Blood Pledge“, It's a Korean Horror movie!!

It's the premiere of the movie, I'm so glad that Xinyan had given me the tickets to watch it!!

Thanks a lots Xinyan!!

I watch it with WanJing & my cousin WanChi!!

At first I was so worried that it will be a little awkward for them as they doesn't really know each other, but I was surprise that it isn't what I expected!!

They're pretty cool with each other, Joking about being cousin since they same the same second name Wan!!


But cool, they're pretty comfortable joking around which make me felt better!!

The movie wasn't as scary as I assume, but it was pretty heart-warming!!

WanJing said I'm too calm to watch horror movie, which I kinda of agree!!


She said I doesn't even have any emotions watching it, which is quite true since I wasn't scared by it at all!!


Overall, July wasn't pretty bad compare to June!!

Hopefully it will stay, which I'll be praying hard for!!

By the way, good luck to alternatejess !!

Hope you're have fun for your exchange in US!!

Take care everyone!!

God bless!!





Quiz!! =.=!!

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Change, Or Stay??

Change, Or Stay??

I wonder too~~

Whenever I step forward to get ready for changes, I will suddenly become so scared to accept it!!

I wish everything could just remain the same, yet changes are unavoidable~~

I don't know, changes make too much impact on me that I fear too much of it~~

Or maybe, it's just the inner me not wanting to change??

Seeing day went by, seeing the month move on!!

I stood there, trying to cope what's there for me!!

I'm just, struck in between of the gray area!!

I always tell myself to move on, not caring what's really in for me!!

Moving toward a unknown further!!

Buck up, just do it!!


I wish!!

Wonderful, Trip~~

Wonderful, Trip~~

Totally relaxed and fun, thanks my mum for the trip~~

Hope to have much such trip on my later part of life~~

Hope everything will go as smooth as I think~~



I'm feel, quite lost~~

I'm feel, quite lost~~

But, sadly~~

I don't know why, I can't think of any reason for it~~

Or am I just tired to even cough out some reason, or am I just hecking what it is??

Well, seriously~~

My patience had being depleting very fast rate, yet I tried so hard to keep my cool~~

They're just testing my limit, and I'm so over it since god knows when~~

I'm being TRYING to be very NICE, around and everywhere~~

I'm just being naive, and certain people agree on that~~

Simplicity doesn't exist?? (a certain friend said~~)

I see not, It's just my view~

I'm quite certain, I'm trying to stay simple and get off any complicated mind~~

I just hate thing when it goes off, like in a mess~~

I don't know why, it irks me so much recently~~

Like a certain KID, whom piss me very OFF~~

Thank, I'm making myself as calm as possible~~

Lucky, I got the right person to talk to and get them off my mind~~

Seriously, KIDS nowadays need to be taught in manner~~

I am very piss off with that certain KID, making me wonder how I survive the whole conversation~~

Every word just IRK me to max, and she really don't get what I'm trying to said~~

It won't kill to be polite, neither it will hurt to ask nicely~~

I guess that certain KID, really doesn't know what's manner~~

Gosh, fine~~

I jolly well, keep myself off from those KID~~

Clear off, a very BIG no~~

Thanks man, thanks for letting see how "wonderful" can one get~~

Great, just how great it can get~~

Whatever, I'm  just trying to get my mind off with a certain stuff which bugs me badly now~~

I just hope, for some space~~

Aish, Hais~~


Great, Day~~

Great, Day~~

Went for Jessie Honey Birthday Party~~

Had lots of fun & laughter, and great food~~

Thumb up, NYDC @ Holland V (New York Desert Cafe)~~

Although lots of stuff crop up in between, but I'm still glad I went~~

alternatejess Jessie Honey, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY~~

Hope you like my present~~

Photo was taken, but they're all at Jessie's friend side~~ (Gareth, I remember you~~ Talk a lot, and like taking picture so much too~~)

Hope HE will pass me the photos soon, and I could post up~~


NYDC @ Holland V was a pretty cool place, food was great too~~

Great atmosphere, but the service can be better & faster~~

Jessie Honey Friend was a fun batch of people~~

Bryan, Gareth, Jean(I hope I got it right??), Regina, June (HuiYing, that's you~~), & a few more people whom went off~~~ (My memory fails badly, so that's the limited person I could remember~~)

Jessie Honey look brilliant in her dress, and I hope she was happy for the party too~~


That's all I guess, should update more if there's any picture up soon~~


God bless, take cares everyone~~


Change, Layout~~

Change, Layout~~

Credits to fruitstyle

Love Blue~~





Hate, Sickness~~

Hate, Sickness~~

What's so irritating about them is, they LOVE to come find you one after a

How 'wonderful' can it get??

Just hope, I'm not getting tooo old to recover asap~~


Just damm hated to be sick, and yet no-one CARE a heck if you're dead~~


Sorry, being moody cos of flu~~


Please leave me alone, Sickness~~

Go away, Please~~


Take care everyone, weather's killing people~~

The news said, it's the hottest weather for the 140 years of history??

Tsk, nice one~~





For the Lunar New Year to come~~

Maybe, it's the only time for everyone to gather and catch up~~


I hope so~~